Presenter Materials

Thank you for attending the Embracing Inclusion Conference.  Below are the presenter materials.  Thank you for attending.  Sending many positive vibes to a successful school year ahead!

Keynote Presentation:
“Don’t We Already Do Inclusion?: 5 Ways to Create Better Schools for All”
* Presentation – Large Print
* Inclusion – Notes
presented by Paula Kluth, PhD

General Session:
“INCLUSION REVOLUTION: a Coast-to-Coast Movement to Welcome God’s Children”
* Presentation
* The Prayer of St. Francis
* Program for Inclusive Education
* In-Sites for Inclusion: Better than Pinterest!
presented by Bruce and Erin Schmitz, Co-Founders of FIRE Foundation of Northeast Iowa; Lynn Hire, Executive Director for FIRE Foundation, Kansas City; Beth Foraker, Founder/Director of The National Catholic Board On Full Inclusion; Tom Olson and Steve Perla, Principal Partners for ADAC

Breakout Sessions: 

“Dyslexia in Research and Practice”
Presentation Coming Soon
presented by Dr. Deborah K. Reed, Ph.D., Director, Iowa Reading Research Center, Professor, University of Iowa

“Universal Design Daily: Supporting All Students in the Diverse Classroom”
* Presentation – Large Print
* UDL FIRE 2021 – Notes
presented by Paula Kluth, PhD

“Section 504: What It Is and How to Apply It”
* Presentation
presented by Dr. William J. Soesbe III, Educational Consultant, Central Rivers AEA 

“Social and Emotional Learning for Everyday Classroom”
* Presentation
presented by Monica Ryan-Rausch is a Clinical Social Worker, Autism Consultant, therapist, and educator

“The Heart of Inclusion is Differentiation”
* Presentation  
presented by Sandra Drummey, Ed.D, Partner at ADAC

“Joyful Learning: Using Active & Collaborative Structures to Support All Students”
* Presentation – Large Print
* Presentation – Notes
presented by Paula Kluth, PhD

“Assistive Technology for the Inclusive Classroom”
* Presentation 
presented by Shira Gebel, Assistive Technology, Team Representative, Central Rivers AEA  

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